About Us

We have been working for over 45 years to build the future of our business partners.

Face the future with optimism

2019 will be even more challenging than 2018, continuing to grow in the Iberian market, taking advantage of all the opportunities the Mozambican market has to offer Centrocar and expecting the situation in Angola to stabilize to return to normal are some of the goals. However, our main objective for 2019 is quite ambitious, we want to increase our sales volume by 27%. We believe we will achieve this with the group of talented, resilient and focused people who are part of Centrocar's team.

Fernando Almeida

Company CEO


A summary of our story

Born over 45 years ago, Centrocar is a multinational company dedicated to the sale of construction equipment and services.

Doosan's official and exclusive representative in Portugal since 1997 and later in Spain. In 2008, began his journey through the African territory, which currently extends to Angolan and Mozambican territory.

Know our history

Our mission

Centrocar has defined that its Mission should focus on finding “solutions” for the Public Works, Construction, Extractive Industries, Forests and Recycling markets by marketing machinery, parts and services that best meet the needs of its customers in terms of an appropriate quality/price ratio.

Our vision

We want Centrocar to remain modern, flexible and dynamic, as well as a benchmark for its customers, its suppliers, its employees and its shareholders.

We aim to achieve leadership in markets where “our solutions” can be marketed. We view “globalization” as an opportunity to maximize our resources and experience.


Environmental responsibility

Centrocar is concerned with its surroundings, seeking in its activity to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint and thus ensure the preservation of the environment for future generations.

It is Centrocar's concern to comply with legal standards aimed at maintaining a sustainable environment, protecting it from exposure to polluting residues, such as oils.

In Portugal, the collection and treatment of waste oils is supervised by a specialized entity, SOGILUB, which gives Centrocar proper treatment of its waste; Valorpneu and Valorcar ensure that used products, tires and batteries, respectively, are properly treated at the end of their useful life, safely collecting and disposing of them.

In Spain, certification focuses only on oils, and is the responsibility of SIGAUS, with a similar role to SOGILUB in Portugal.

Although in Angola and Mozambique it is not subject to certification, Centrocar insists on complying with its own sustainability and preservation standards while keeping the environment clean.

Centrocar respects all the efforts made by these entities, and cares for the environment, with the awareness that it is necessary to preserve the space around us and ensure sustainable development over the years.